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Finally getting into the swing of things for the current pass of rewrites and adjustments for running LXHS. Both lisefrac and I have five characters apiece that we've finished 'first draft rewrites' on. That leaves 14 more, plus writing the new character... and touching up all the mid-game materials, and updating(and creating what is missing) for 'running the game/GM guideline' information.

Which sounds like a lot left to go, but we're getting a head start on it relative to when we've started every other pre-run rewrite pass, and we've got a pretty organized list of what to change, and the details involved in those changes.

There are a lot of tweaks in this pass that will hopefully have some significant positive benefit... We're lengthening the game a little, but trying to adjust pacing(principally, in theory certain major plots that tend to take characters out of circulation for for the purpose of other plots should be kicking in and taking off later in the game, hopefully letting the plots that get ignored due to 'omg' type plots have more time to gain traction). And there are a number of edits and new incidents that should drag some details that were previously 'interesting character backstory' into the 'integral to events and discussions that happen in game.'

But despite all this, the thing that has me most enthusiastic about this run is finally getting the chance to do proper prop and set dressing work...

The sarcophagus from the blurb is no longer a foot locker, hallelujah!Collapse )
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My brain is simultaneously completely focused and scattered to the winds.

All my thoughts are on LARP, but boy are they wandering to various subtopics...

Too many games, not enough me.

Starting to poke at League casting for the Palindrome run, mainly trying to figure out how set we are for the 'troublesome to cast' characters given the responses we have so far(since we've only got like 2/3 responses so far).

It looks manageable. I wish casting felt more like finding the perfect role for every person and less like damage control or finding the least problematic solution... but I feel reasonably comfortable with how things are looking. I just hope our remaining male responses include a few more Romantics...

Still percolating ideas for the Wagner/King Ludwig/Tim Powers inspired but not set in game...

Began poking around at material prices for the major prop for this League run. Won't be a bank breaker it looks like, thankfully. Will be sturdy, however.

Had a huge realization for a twist on the Dreamquest LARP concept which could work out to provide both great ambiance/theme and avoid the necessity of building it as a story telling game(of the 'you have to break character, become an NPC in someone elses story' variety)...

Oh, also have probably switched the order our next to game ideas. Dreamquest then Powers inspired... since Powers inspired needs a lot more research(or at least broader and less well defined research).

Began poking at what this run of League's rewrites will be. Because we will never run the same version of this twice, apparently. Also, the new trend is every run adds a character... I'm really thankful that this will probably be the last run for awhile however.

Finally, a request for those reading through my ramblings...Collapse )
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Inconvenient Facts: Sewing room is in the non-heated basement. LARP's requiring costume creation tend to be timed such that the process occurs in January-February.

Still waiting on two castings for Intercon J. Arguably, only waiting on one if I assume I'm going to be horde in the horde game, which is a fairly safe assumption.

The costuming for 1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee is what currently has me pretty much committed to full time sewing for this month.

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While I may have gotten a nasty little dose of stress last week, worrying about a new project that was dumped on my lap and was glaring at my freetime in a threatening manner, I have to say that Monday this week more than made up for any stress from that.

With Brandeis semester starting soon, everyone's returning. And of course this means everyone else in the Spycraft campaign is back on campus, and wouldn't it be great to slip in one session after everyone's arrived but before classes start. How about mid-day Monday.

You know, this would have been great if that were a holiday for me, but I didn't think it was. So, I don't respond, since I don't know if I can make it or not. Show up to work on Monday, and, yep, we do have work that day. However, crisis-project from last week is under control and out of my hands, new project is not time critical at all and I'm going to be slowly ramped up for anyway. Spend an hour and a half making certain there's no urgent need for me, then I just grab my coat, head out the door and proceed to get into a 7 hour table top session. *grins* And I can even cover most of that time with credited overtime from last week anyway...

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Back from the convention, lisefrac is curled up napping, wish I could join her but I really need to stay up and prevent my sleep cycle getting any more screwed up than it already is.

Arisia was definitely a bit lacking this year, at least for me. Despite a few inconveniences involving parking and the elevators, Friday night was a lot of fun. Didn't do much as far as con events, just meeting all those people... Old friends you don't see often, the con acquaintances that you see at every con but never outside the con circuit, meeting friends of friends and hanging out. Did go to one actual event that evening though, hit the Rocky production with rigel(by this point, lisefrac was asleep... I probably should have been). Was fun, but boy am I rusty on my callbacks. Four years since seeing a production will do that to you I guess.

Saturday started with me not entirely willingly getting up with something like 3-4 hours sleep(at least it was a REM cycle worth). At 7, I just couldn't stay asleep any longer so dragged myself out of bed. After poking my head in one room(checking to see that, yes, Future Boy Conan does seem to have a US release now... yay!), I wandered off to see just how far one would have to trek for food, since bringing something back to the room for lisefrac and rigel seemed a good use of being stuck up at those hours. Then I discovered just how far it was to get to anything(I have no clue the actual distance, all I know is it took over an hour round trip, walking very quickly on the way out, and jogging most of the way back).

After that, lisefrac wasn't in the best of moods towards the start of her day(though she perked up by the evening), and the myriad of issues with the venue just grated on us most of the day. We saw a few interesting panels, and whatnot... but it just seems we spent more time walking up the stairs than doing anything interesting for most of the day of Saturday. By evening, the lack of sleep and minimal food was getting to me, and while Lise was feeling better I was just completely out of it. But, there was always the Masquerade, right?

After waiting in line for the Masquerade, we discover that between the sub-par space that was available for holding it, and the large number of seats reserved at the front, we had no chance of a decent view. In fact, even if we'd been at the head of the line, we'd have had a worse view than the video feed which went to the hotel rooms. So we head back to the room. (Via the stairs, yet again, of course).

There were some technical difficulties with the video, just to make things more interesting, but we managed to see all the full entries(and possibly even all the young fan ones). There were definitely some nice pieces this year, but there weren't any of the stand out great presentations this year that I'm used to seeing at least one or two of at every Arisia.

I was still out of it enough, I napped on and off from the end of the masquerade(not even staying up through the awards), till I crashed for good a little after midnight.

Sunday was pretty much briefly visiting the costume guild meeting, packing up and heading out. Oh, apparently lisefrac got bamboozled into our place being drafted for next months guild meeting while I was packing the room up...

However, there was one very good side to the con. With various downtime and whatnot, I managed to spend quite a bit of time reading Mode, aka lisefrac's novel. It's still a rought draft, awaiting its first revision, and there are aspects of it which need work, which we've talked about. But it really does show the promise to be a good work, even if she'll never admit that.
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